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	"I wanted to sell quick because I bought another boat"</p><p>
	"Fantastic organised: Paid and picked up within 3 working days!!"</p>
"Also in the winter we buy boats!"

"I wanted to sell quick because I bought another boat"

"Fantastic organised: Paid and picked up within 3 working days!!"

Sell your boat in 4 easy steps

1. You wish to sell your boat.
You are the owner of a speedboat, sport cruiser, inflatable (sport) boat, Console boat, Aluminium boat, fishing boat or a Sloep boat? Then you're at the right address to sell your boat.

2. Offer your boat in 60 seconds.
Through a simple 'boat selling form' we kindly ask you to fill out some details and upload some pictures of the boat you wish to sell. We then get a good overview of the boat and a quick response will follow up. Those details required include important information e.g. brand/type boat, brand/type motor. 

3. Receive an offer within 24 hours.
Of course you want to sell your boat quickly in order to avoid paying mooring fees, insurance and any other additional costs you could safe. Therefore you receive an offer within 24 hours. 

4. Viewing and contract signing.
A viewing will be arranged if our offer is acceptable. A final offer is agreed after viewing. We prepare the necessary documentation to buy the boat from you, pay you and transfer title. The payment will be cash or through online banking. We will pick up the boat the same day of the purchase or any other agreed pick up day.

Sell your boat discreet and quick.

Offering your boat through is completely non-committal and thus you're not bound to buy/sell anything.

Also after the purchase you don't take any responsibility for any failures that could occur after the purchase.

Many previously satisfied clients used our services, you can read some of those experiences at the review page

Six years of satisfied clients

For over 6 years we buy boats from people who quickly want to have a good market price for their boat. Take a look at what others are saying about our service.

Tell us and make money!

Can you tell us where we can buy a cruiser, speedboat, sport cruiser, console boat, aluminium boat or a fishing boat?

Please advice us and you receive €100,- if purchase succeeded.

Tell us and receive €100,-

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